Cardboard Storage Box

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Fenrir Games is a company dedicated to producing the highest quality in collectable card gaming supplies. With an experienced team of professional hobby enthusiasts at their disposal, they guarantee that all of their products have been fully tested and developed with you, the gamer, in mind.

Fenrir Games is proud to introduce the Cardboard Storage Box, the perfect solution for bulk storing your collection in a safe and organized way.

Small size holds up to 800 standard sized trading cards. It's a 1 piece sturdy box, with integrated lid, made from high quality, white corrugated card.

Large size Description

Sturdy cardboard box for storage of about 4.000 standard sized cards.

You can also store sleeved cards.

Those boxes were initially designed for Baseball- and Sportscards in general. TCG players, collectors and sellers use those boxes for years and they have proven to be useful in organizing big quantities of standard sized or smaller TCG cards.

The boxes are stackable, this way thousands of cards can be stored in a relatively small space.

Dimensions: L 40 cm x W 32 cm x H 10 cm