Ice Cool

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It's not just cool, it's Ice Cool!

Lunch break is almost here and all of the young penguins will finally get the fish they’ve been craving. However, some rascals think they are quick enough to snatch some of the fish before the lunch break starts, but they've forgotten one thing – the Hall Monitor! Each school day one of the penguins is designated to watch over the school, and this is his moment to shine – for each rascal penguin he catches he gets additional fish!

A fun run takes place – the rascals are running everywhere and trying to snatch some fish on their way, but the Hall Monitor is trying to catch each and every one of them to have some order in the school. Who will be successful? A great game where adults and children can compete on equal terms!

  • 2-4 players
  • 6+ years
  • Playing Time: approx 20 minutes
  • Great for improving dexterity