Magic The Gathering Bundle

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Magic The Gathering Bundles are perfect for those looking to dive into Magic or for players wanting to upgrade their collection.

Choose from Zendikar Standard or Gift Edition Bundles or the latest Kaldheim standard Bundle

Standard bundles:-

CONTENTS: 10 MTG Draft Booster (in Innistrad - 8x Set Booster) packs, 40 regular-frame lands (20 foil, 20 non-foil), 1 alternate art promo card, 1 oversized spindown life counter, 2 double-sided reference cards.

Gift Bundles:-

CONTENTS: 10 Zendikar Rising Draft Boosters, 1 Zendikar Rising Collector Booster, 40 regular-frame lands (20 foil, 20 non-foil), 1 promo alternate art card, 1 oversized Spindown life counter, 2 double sided reference cards.