Puzzle Post Escape Room in an Envelope

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In each game, you must solve 8 puzzles to break into the online vault and reveal a secret message. 

You're thrown into a different story of secrecy and adventure - you must solve the puzzles to reveal the mystery.
You can work towards the default secret message or personalise it, to surprise your friends and family when they enter the vault! You can hide text, image and video messages in the vault via a QR code on the back of the package. The perfect surprise for any occasion!

The first title in this series we have a available is:-
The Missed Flight:
An investigative journalist exposes high level corruption but gets into trouble doing it.

Each pack includes a series of realistic puzzles that will challenge logic, creativity, and the ability to think outside of the box. All the puzzles revolve around realistic storylines and pieces, and are designed to be completed within 60-90 minutes on average. Suitable for ages 13 and older. There may be references to alcohol, but nothing explicit.

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