With a focus on friendly, accessible introductions to board games and fostering a diverse, welcoming community, Counter Culture Games offers something truly unique.

Whether you're picking up the dice for the first time, or you're a tabletop master with an encyclopaedic knowledge, Counter Culture Games has you covered.
If board games still make you think of Monopoly and Cluedo, we have some great news for you....


"I visited Counter Culture Games today, for the first time, and left with an armful of games, an ear of great advice and recommendations, and an absolute desire to go back again. The staff were warm, friendly, hugely welcoming to my wife, our baby and, I, and were great to talk to about our gaming tastes and gaming culture. I eagerly bought some Keyforge decks, competitively priced, and my wife picked up two games that she had been hunting for ages - all great finds! I would absolutely, and unreservedly recommend this place. 10 / 10 Will visit again!" - Steve Waite

"Popped down for the first time today and was blown away by how friendly this couple are and their passion for gaming is contagious! Its exciting to have a shop like this in Chelmsford finally. Will be heading back soon. Thanks guys!" - Chris Brian

"Beth and Jim are such great hosts and game enthusiasts, patiently explaining the rules and suggesting new games to try. This is a really lovely space with a great community feel. Well worth a visit." - Diane Waldron